Turn drop-in customers into a long-term tribe

The Northern Tribe compiled 7 winning tips for you that will attract drop-in customers in your yoga studio. By the end, you can build a tribe of long-term, loyal members that consistently fill your classes with peace of mind and a solid income.

    How can you build your tribe of loyal customers?

    The Northern Tribe has compiled these tools to help you build a win-win for you and your customers by:

    • Creating an atmosphere of authenticity and care
    • Making that care help your customers stay on their path to fulfillment and boost their loyalty
    • Building a reliable income on a tribe of loyal customers
    • Rewarding you for the work you put in developing your yoga program
    • Helping you gain more time to build new programs that attract more customers

      How you can benefit from the tools

      Build a loyal tribe that will follow you on a journey to abundance.

      This list will give you tried and trusted tools to cut the dreadful cycle of drop-in-drop-out customers. The ideas will help you attract your customers beyond the initial trust and nurture the relationship with them into a long-standing loyal membership.

      No hardcore business skills needed.

      These tips are easy to implement with little or no investment, and the results are almost immediate. The tools aim to create an authentic atmosphere of care and consciousness in which your studio naturally becomes the first choice of your clients.

        Step on a path to fulfillment.

        With a loyal tribe in your studio, you can hold full classes with no stress, which means peace and less time spent on the same income. The extra time will allow you to build a relationship with your customers and provide personal attention that helps them along their healing journey. It will also give you a chance to hold more classes for new members that will benefit both you and your clients long-term.

        According to the 2019 Yoga Benchmark Report by Zen Planner

        Referrals are the most common way prospects find studios.

        Connections are the lifeblood of a yoga community, and a referral program can strengthen these ties. If a prospect already has a connection within your studio, they are more likely to align with your culture that improves student retention.

        Building a loyal, close-knit community is essential for success in the yoga industry.

        Unlimited memberships appeal to students who are loyal to their studio and dedicated to their practice. Drop-ins, while necessary, are temporary transactions. Focus on converting drop-ins into long-term members.

        Let us help you keep your customers coming back, non-stop.