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What is Amazon selling and who should use it?

Whether as the sole sales channel or an extra selling platform, Amazon is an opportunity that businesses must take advantage of. Here are 5 statistics that will shed some light upon the size of the Amazon market:

197 million people visit Amazon in a single month

Close to half the US ecommerce market is ruled by Amazon

FBA pumps the online sales of businesses by 30-50% on average

120 million products can be found on Amazon

89% of shoppers prefer Amazon to other e-commerce sites

These figures are the best mirror of what an opportunity selling on Amazon can be – but you won’t be the first seller taking advantage of it. What do you need to succeed and get ahead of the already flooding pool of sellers on Amazon?

We can help you develop a winning Amazon marketing strategy

Just like any other sales channel, Amazon also needs a clear marketing strategy, but the rules are unique to Amazon. We can show you the principles and build the pillars of your strategy on:

Trustworthy account

Build trust on a sales platform driven by reviews


A strong and clear brand can multiply your earnings on Amazon

Optimized listing

Improve the visibility of your products and the volume of sales

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Learn if it makes or just takes money to use FBA

The Northern Tribe can teach you the tricks of the trade of selling on Amazon and help you make the most out of this unparalleled sales platform whether you want to base your commercial activities solely on Amazon, take advantage of the FBA services or only complement your existing sales channels.

We can also help you build and develop your channels with web design, brand development, creative design and content marketing, or support your current activities with SEO or PPC services.

Let's work together.