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What is branding and how does it help a business?

Most people don’t buy services or products, they buy brands. Without a characteristic brand, a business is faceless, and you need every chance to stand out from the noise in today’s saturated markets. By default, branding includes such elements as the choice of name, logo, look and feel of appearances that all help to identify and distinguish the company as well as clarify what a business has to offer. But branding doesn’t stop here. It includes such elements as choice of social media, tone of voice and even customer service. These elements work together to create an attention-grabbing professional profile which is called the brand.

The Team of The Northern Tribe can help if you:

Have a unique service or product but haven’t found your ideal target group

Need to build the trust and loyalty of your customers

Want to switch gears in developing your business

Have found your ideal customers but don’t know how to talk to them

Feel that the value of your services or products could be better reflected in your appearances

The pillars on which we can help you build a strong brand that resonates best with your ideal customers are:

Brand strategy

Identify your ideal customers and choose the look and channels that best talk to them. Choose the right tone of voice to create authentic material.

Brand identity

Define the unique features of your services or products, and develop a value proposition that speaks loud and clear to your ideal target customers.

Brand design

Create the logo, the color scheme that best reflects the values in your company. Design a unified look with fonts, imagery and layout that needs to be used through every appearance online, offline on in-store, in communications with customers, businesses and media.

Corporate material

From branded letters to brochures, flyers or catalogues, branded corporate materials can strengthen the message you want to send to your customers and can help establish your place on the market.

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