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How can digital event marketing help your business?

Events are a great way to grow your business. It’s an excellent opportunity to generate leads by simply asking attendees for their email address at registration and build a targeted list of potential customers already interested in your products. Talk about a great potential for high conversion!

Events also promote engagement by providing a unique opportunity to make a great impression and connect on a more personal level with your guests. Think about it, your target audience is standing right in front of you, absorbing all the information, and entertainment, carefully selected by you. You can’t beat the in-the-moment talking, sharing, and maybe even bragging coming directly from satisfied customers to potential customers about your event and products. What better way to build brand awareness than putting your brand in front of potential customers.

Get in touch if you need help to:

Develop a unique digital brand for your event that will connect with your guests

Simplify tasks with online solutions that are easy for you and  your staff to manage

Automate communications before, during, and after the event for a flawless experience

Plan, organize and execute with digital event marketing

The Northern Tribe offers an array of digital solutions to run sporting events that will not only get your guests to connect with your brand but will turn them into loyal customers.


  • Invitations

  • Surveys

  • Information package

Event Operations

  • Registration

  • Check-ins

  • Scheduling

Event Management

  • Staff Management

  • Product Inventory

  • Sales

Social Media Management

  • Community Management

  • Event Updates

  • Sneak-peak Behind the Scene

The Northern Tribe creates memorable moments.Our team of experts provides services that cover all fields of event marketing:

  • Lead nurturing
  • Landing page creation
  • Invitations
  • Registrations
  • Payment options
  • Scheduling
  • Check-ins
  • Social media
  • Surveys
  • Displays and collateral material
  • Post-event communications
  • Data reporting and analysis

The Northern Tribe has the means and the knowledge to boost the success of your event and help you shine online. Get in touch, talk to our experts to put a package together tailor made for your needs that will optimize your digital presence and create an awesome experience your guests will love to remember!

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