At The Northern Tribe

Our team creates digital experiences to help you grow your brand and turn your vision into reality. We’re quite passionate about sports marketing, everything digital and love to create truly engaging experiences.

Like most Canadians, our friendly nature, collaborative attitude, expertise, and professionalism is the foundation for the perfect mix to manage all kinds of digital marketing projects. But our love of sports and nature got us to focus mainly on projects related to active life, health, wellness, and everything in between. However, every now and then when we’re not busy working with amazing partners and clients on their sports marketing projects, we take advantage of the great Canadian outdoors to practice our favourite sports, enjoy the multicultural scene, and all the wonderful inspiration that our city has to offer.

This bunch of like-minded, talented individuals from the suburbs of Montréal values collaboration, integrity, teamwork, passion, simplicity, and quality of work. This has helped us deliver fantastic results for our clients, and will do the same for your project.

We want to expose your brand tothe digital world.

We think all businesses, big or small can shine online. So we focus on making small businesses realize their potential by making online marketing more accessible to them. Our goal is to help you elevate your online game and expose your brand to the digital world.


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Help your clientsconnect with your brand.

So maybe you’re just starting out. Or maybe you’ve reached a certain point in your business adventure and are ready to bring it to the next level. Engaging with your potential customers is an art. An art we love, we’ve mastered and want to share with you to help you connect with your future prospects.

Let you focus on your strengths.

When you work with a boutique agency like ours, the process moves along in a shorter time, runs smoother, and it allows us to connect with you on a deeper level. That way we understand your business better and that improves your processes and marketing reach. What makes us different from other agencies in a word is Simplicity. Simplifying your operations helps you focus on the part of your business you enjoy most.

And help you build a strong and loyal clientele.

Small businesses and startups often have a shortage of resources. Not to worry. Our goal is to form the perfect mix of automated solutions and integrated tools to help you attract and nurture your leads. We can also automate communications with your customers, which will improve your relationships and help increase sales.

Want to know how we canhelp your brand shine online?

Reach out. We’d love to help.