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Why do you need web design?

The most important business tool today is a website. With up to 85% of customers visiting a company’s website before making a purchase and 63% using the web as the primary contact channel, a website is a must have for businesses. A compelling website delivers multiple functions, reflects the brand, informs, entertains, builds loyalty, but most importantly: SELLS.

Get in touch if:

You are about to launch your business and need the world to know about you

The performance of your website is not what you expect

Your services or products have changed, and your website doesn’t reflect them anymore

You want to adjust the look of your website to the latest trends

Why do you need web development?

You have made the compulsory step and you own a website, but that is not a point to rest.  There are four simple yet painful reasons why you might be losing business and need to re-design your website:

The look:

Your website doesn’t reflect your brand anymore or became dated

Maybe you made a shift from one customer group to another more profitable, or you just started to focus on one segment. What felt and looked appropriate for a younger age group may not be compelling for another.

The structure:

Your service or product offering has changed

You might have extended or changed your services and products and people can’t find the new offering online.

The technicalities:

Mobile friendly, responsive websites, online courses

Over 80% of searches are done on mobile devices, but if your website is not optimized for mobile, people abandon your site, or Google won’t even list it.

The e-commerce tools:

You need landing pages and sales funnels 

You could be taking advantage of landing pages and building sales funnels that usher potential customers along the way to make the purchase.

Our website development team can help you build or rebuild your site according to the latest design trends with enhanced usability and optimized for the online search engines. We can also help with campaign tools like landing pages and building sales funnels, or mobile apps to complement your e-commerce tool kit for even higher conversion.

The Northern Tribe builds websites that sell.Our team of experts provides services that cover all fields of web development:

  • Graphic design
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • UX/UI testing and improvements
  • Responsive design 
  • E-commerce tools and sales funnels
  • Mobile applications
  • Copywriting 

We do everything to boost the success of your business. Web development is one option in the toolkit of digital marketing that can be complemented with other tools like search engine optimization and social media development.  Get in touch, talk to our experts to put a package together tailor made for your needs that will optimize your digital presence to help you shine online!

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